Okay hivemind, this is a big one: 

My grandmom is turning 93 on April 3. She has asked, for her birthday, for opening-game tickets to the Blue Jays game, April 2. These are entirely sold out. 

My family is looking for any leads on the following, in order of preference:

1) a hotel room overlooking the diamond at the Rogers Centre (Grandmom is frail, and we're not sure the rigours of seats at the Rogers Centre would be good for her (currently booked); or

2) a reservation at the restaurant in the Rogers Centre (formerly Sky Dome) (currently rented out for a corporate thingy to which nobody has had the good sense to invite my grandmom); or

3) a pair of tickets (or more than a pair, but she needs to go with at least one other person) to the game and we'll figure out how to get her there and make her comfortable.

Does anyone know anyone (some captain of industry, for example) who might have some opening-game tickets with which they'd be willing to part? If we can, we'd really like to make my grandmom's birthday wish come true. She's been a Blue Jays fan for as long as I can remember. 20 years ago, after she had a double-bypass, the first thing she wanted to do when she was well enough was to go to a game. We got her tickets. I watched the Jays play the Yankees on TV with her. And not to be melodramatic, but she's 93. She doesn't have a lot of Jays games left in her. So we'd really like to make this one happen.