Opening night for the Jays is April 2. My grandmom's birthday is April 3. So, after considerable effort* to track down accessible opening-night tix, we have booked a room at the hotel overlooking the stadium, with a window that opens onto the stadium, from which she can watch the April 3 game in complete comfort and surrounded by family. 

Turns out she wanted the opener in part because she had misread the season schedule and didn't think there was a game at all on her actual for-real birthday. 

Also turns out that as my mom was making these arrangements, [personal profile] neeuqdrazil  was working some magic: the CEO of her company offered two spots at the restaurant at the Rogers Centre for opening night.  I gratefully turned them down, but I'm astonished and blown away by the offhand generosity of a stranger. 

So now all we have to do is get her name on the Jumbo-Tron. Easy. 

*E-mails to the Guest Experience Supervisor at the Toronto Blue Jays, my city councillor, and Richard Griffith at the Toronto Star, tweets and Facebook requests and updates, and refreshing the Blue Jays website every 10 minutes. 
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