And the Toronto Choral Society, in which both [personal profile] neeuqdrazil  and I sing, is performing Handel's Messiah. We don't suck this year,* so if you like listening to large choirs, or the Messiah, or large choirs singing the Messiah, and you have the evening of Wednesday, December 15, free, you should consider coming to hear us.

Here is a link, from which you may order tickets. Tell them I sent you, please.

If you do not like to buy tickets over the Internets, I will be happy to take your money, buy your tickets for you at choir practice, and leave them at the door on the night of the concert.

If you are very broke and cannot buy a ticket, you have my complete sympathy. If you still want to hear us perform the Messiah, let me know, and I'll put you in touch with the concert volunteer coordinator, and you can hand out programmes or do other front of house things, and hear the concert.

In other news entirely, Shouty Neighbour Man, the owner of STFU Charlie, spent about 10 minutes this morning singing to STFU Charlie, and crooning STFU Charlie's name. "Chaaaarrrliieee... Chaaarrrlieeeeee!" This caused STFU Charlie to bark (of course. Everything causes STFU Charlie to bark, as far as I can tell from this side of the shared wall. The subway rumbling underneath us. The wind. Invisible, inaudible alien presences or aetheric disturbances. And bugs.), whereupon he shouted (of course) "STFU CHARLIE!!!"

Okay, then.

*This? This is why I don't have a career writing marketing copy.

Does anyone in Toronto have a projector they'd be willing to lend to me and [personal profile] theleaveswant for her slumber party this weekend? Failing that, does anyone know of where in the Toronto-area we could rent one inexpensively? 


Random question: Why do A/V rental places have such dreadful websites? Why is it so difficult to discover the rental cost for one projector for one night? 

Come! Sing! Bring your musical instruments! Bring a sweetie! Bring a snack!

Saturday afternoon, 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., or whenever. Meet at Dictionopolis. Adjourn to Withrow park, if the weather is nice. Make a joyful noise!
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( Dec. 15th, 2009 04:25 pm)
If I were superstitious, I'd be feeling very nervous about tomorrow's concert, right now.

Last night's dress rehearsal went really well. I'm kind of excited about tomorrow's performance. The soloists are excellent, the ensemble sounds good (even if we don't have any tympani), and the choir is pretty darned good, if I do say so myself.

The superstition goes that a good dress means a bad opening night. I don't buy it one little bit. It's such a relief when a good performance follows an awful dress that I think people remember those instances, and have, by process of inversion, created a superstition around the q. In consequence, I'm just plain happy to be singing this great music and sharing it with people.

(If you're in Toronto, you really should consider coming. Really. There are trumpets!)
If you're not attending one of the bajillion seasonal or non-seasonal social opportunities this Sunday has to offer, you might consider wandering down to St. Paul's Basilica (on Power St., south of King) at 2:00 for the annual Toronto Choral Society benefit concert for Street Haven. We'll be performing previews of the Bach, plus some carols and stuff, and our sister choir, the Street Haven Women's Choir, will do their stuff as well. There will be carols.

It would be really nice if we could pack the church with supporters. Street Haven does an awful lot of good work. And we sound pretty good.

The Random Queers will be marching in this year's Pride Parade

"Who?" you say: The Random Queers—a group for anyone who is queer and is not affiliated with another group. Heck, anyone who identifies as queer and is affiliated with another group, but wants to march with us!

When? The Parade will take place Sunday, June 28. We meet at 1:00 p.m, and wait around for a bit until we start marching at around 2:00, or maybe 2:30.

Where? We meet on Bloor St. between Church and Jarvis. Our marshalling number is 321, which, as [personal profile] mycrazyhair  points out, is very easy to remember. So find the spot on the ground labelled 321. Alternatively, look for the RANDOM QUEERS banner.

What Do I Need? You need a way to travel with the group—a sturdy pair of shoes, a wheelchair, whatever. We are a "marching group," so you need to be able to carry anything you bring—we don't have a vehicle. Do bring water. Do wear sunscreen. Do bring whatever you can carry that is less than 12 feet tall that will help you to express your fabulosity.

Why? To express your sexuality and queerness. To be part of the community. To send the world a message. To be part of the fabulosity. Because it's a paradeFor the cookies!

If you are queer, unaffiliated, and looking to express your queer life, history, and/or general fabulousness, we invite you to join us. We have cookies, and much awesomeness.

P.S. Pass it on!

My good friend Katie (known to some as Fiddlegirl) has a band, and said band is playing at the Tranzac this Sunday, 17h00–19h00.

I plan to be there, and if you're in the city and like folk music, you should too.

That is all.



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