Gluck wrote this opera, Paride ed Elena. I've been learning one of Paride's arias, O del Mio Dolce Ardor, as a mezzo piece. In learning the piece, I betook myself to Youtube to brave the unfortunate recital videos in search of a nice professional rendition.

Like, say, this one, by Renate Tebaldi. I think she sings it in the soprano key, but whatever. I can live with transposing. Her cadenzas are great.

I'd not heard of Julia Sokolov before I found her video. So all unaware, I clicked on it. Now, I feel compelled to share it, mostly because I can't adequately describe it, other than to say "Gluck. Pennywhistle. Drapery. Drum track. Fabio-lookalike. Imagery! Reverb. Just watch!"

Here's what it sounds like when they make Paride a baritone. It's a staged version, with unfortunate video quality. I like the harpsichord in this one, but I think it's a bit brisk, and I've no idea what he's doing with his left thigh:

Here's Teresa Berganza. This is my go-to version, for now. The flowers are from someone's garden: