Dear Student Who Has Generally Been Conscientious,

When I told you last night in class that you could send your assignment in via e-mail, and I would dock only the 2 marks per day for tardiness, I did not think that you would also attempt to send me jpg files of what appear to be digital photos of the entire magazine on which you wrote your publication analysis. Yet, you surprised me.

Had I but known, I would have counselled you to use YouSendIt, or at the very least to compress your damn files.

Flooding my home e-mail inbox and putting it over its limit twice in one day does not predispose me to clemency in my marking.

Not that I would ever penalize you for dougheadedness. I shall merely send you a polite suggestion so that your next instructor does not find their inbox flooded with ginormous jpgs of an entire bloody magazine.

Your ever-merciful instructor